About Tuk Tuk Station

We operate from a queue.

We are serval tuk tuk drivers, ready to serve you. We reside close to Blue Port, shopping mail. There, we line up, and wait for your phone call (or you walk to us).
We also have a taxi, serving long distances (e.g. airport).
We line up, so is is fair, and ride out at customor request.
You may, offcourse request your favourite driver, to pick you up.


100 Baht.

Our basic tuk tuk price is 100 baht. Always ask for exact price, please.

If far, probably 150 baht.

We can take you far, but for e.g. bangkok, you better take our taxi. Negatiate with the driver, about exact price.

We like fun

3 young guys, with a little to much to drink, approach us and want to go to Villa Market. You can easily walk that. They wave 50 baht, we took the offer, because they were fun!


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