Our services


We have the wheels, to take you places, exactly what we do.


We van bring you to shops or companies that repair, anything that needs repairing.

Paper work

Any visa matter, we can help you with advice, and offcourse, bring you to immigration (and back).


Wanna go out? We know where you can have a good time.

Shopping & Services

If you want to go shopping, we know were to go, and that is where we will take you.

Don't drink and drive

That's what we are here for. We drive, you have a good time. You get drunk, we take care.

Every day

You can, every day, count on us.

Large groups

We have several tuk tuk available, so we can also serve large groups.

Come back

We hope you are satisfied with our service, and we hope you come back, to us.

Air Conditioning

Air taxi cars have aircon, our tuk tuk are open, but have a roof, so you will not get wett.


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